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Okoto Online Game (OOG) is the unofficial RPG side-scroller game based off the newly relaunched Lego Bionicle toyline. Chapter I has been released to the public, with the next update set to launch at the end of next Feb. You currently play as Kaiitu, a fire villager who happens to be standing on the exact beach one of the Toa crash land on. Having lost his memory in the collision, he sets out to explore the wondrous island he's on, meeting many interesting characters and getting into all sorts of scrapes along the way. However, he is destined to be a part of much greater happenings...

-Explore the island of Okoto!
-Play as six different villagers!
-Aid the Toa in their quest to defeat Makuta!
-Race lava down volcanoes in the Fire Region!
-Battle Skull Spiders in caves deep below the Earth Region!
-Swing through the trees in the Air Region!
-Solve mind-boggling prophecies in the Ice Region!
-Dive into the depths of the Water Region!
-Brave the scorching heat of the Stone Region!